Selling Process

1. Set realistic goals

Setting goals when selling one of your biggest investments is very crucial. Following are helpful questions to ask when setting goals:

  • What is my desire for selling my home?
  • What do I want to achieve the most from this transaction/experience?
  • What is my motivation and rewards?


2. Hire the right agent

Your agent can make or break your deal. A home that is properly priced and properly marketed has a far better chance of attracting interested buyers than one that isn’t and it all starts with selecting an honest agent. There are quite a few in the industry that play the game of telling you that you can get whatever price it is you say you want in order to get the listing. Then after they get it listed they start trying to talk you into coming down on the price because it isn’t generating any showings. I am not one that plays that game. I provide a realistic price range based on recent comps and help you understand the pluses and minuses of your property as compared to the comps. At the end of the day, my goal is to provide you with such a positive experience that I earn your business on future real estate transactions and referrals to your family, friends and coworkers.


3. Prepare your home

Make a list of things you need to do to get top dollar for your house. This can be anything from de-cluttering to kitchen renovation but make sure to address the obvious. A few things can be done without breaking your bank such as, de-cluttering, de-personalizing, deep cleaning, staging consultation, and improving curb appeal. You may love the “jungle” in the front yard but it may be such a turn-off to buyers that they don’t even go inside the house. Having bought and sold multiple properties personally I have created a preferred vendor listing of who I use for certain remodeling projects that I am happy to share with my clients.


4. Price it right

Overpricing is the main reason homes sit on the market for longer than the average. The real estate market is constantly changing so what your neighbor paid for his home two or three years is irrelevant. Having an idea of what you’d like to sell your home for is great, but being stuck on a number that has no supporting basis is not in anyone’s best interest. I provide the data to help my clients make informed decisions so they know when they list it they are listing it at the right price according to the market and not their emotions.


5. Marketing

For all of my clients, I have professional photos taken of the home in order to maximize its appeal online. They say “a picture paints a thousand words” and I would like those thousand words to say something great. I provide a number of other marketing services to my clients, which can be seen at Marketing Strategy.


6. Receive an offer

Before you consider accepting an offer, as your agent, I will contact the buyer’s lender to verify the pre-approval letter and help you understand all the terms that are being offered and what this means to you in terms of net price.


7. Negotiate

When representing a client, I work hard to protect and promote the interest of my clients 100%. I am a Certified Negotiation Expert equipped to negotiate the best results for my clients.


8. Resolve any open issues

After accepting an offer there is generally 30-45 days until closing in which something can come up that requires resolution, such as a repair needed or a lien on the title resolved. I am committed to actively following up with the buyer’s lender, title company and other 3rd parties involved in order to address issues as they arise.


9. Review closing statement prior to closing

If requested, the title company will provide a closing statement the day before closing. I always request this and review it with the Buyer as there have definitely been times when the title company did not have everything correct.


10.Close on the home and celebrate!