Schools & Parks


Below are the following Houston Independent School District (HISD) schools that serve the Houston Heights:

Elementary Schools:

Middle Schools:

High Schools:

*Note: This information should be verified as school zoning can change from year to year.


Parks & Trails

donovan-park-houston-heights-fortress-playground_Donovan Park represents the spirit of the Heights community as it was built (literally) by the
community in 1996. During a course of nine months many residents from the community came together to construct this popular playground, which is located at 7th St. and Heights Blvd. One of the playground attractions in the park, which many a child has enjoyed climbing on over the years, is the large wooden train (built by Paul Carr) that adorns the front left entrance of the park. According to the Houston Heights Association, “Donovan Park is the Cinderella story of a formerly underutilized park transformed into a unique fantasy play-space through the power of community involvement.”

Heights Hike and Bike Trai_Heights Hike and Bike Trail starts at Nicholson and 26th St., and heads south to 7th St., where one can head East and take the trail that leads towards downtown, connecting with either the Buffalo Bayou trail or the Lamar St. Trail, which the latter of the two will also connect to the Braeswood Bayou trail. If one travels West at 7th and Nicholson, they will connect to the White Oak Bayou trail. Additionally, on either side of Heights Blvd. there is a bike lane that goes from 4th St. to 20th St.

Paul Carr Jogging Trai_Paul Carr Jogging Trail is named in honor of the facilitator of the trail project. Paul Carr and his wife Mary, long-time residents of the Houston Heights, have contributed in so many ways to the community for decades. The trail is about 1.5 miles long and located on the center of Heights Boulevard esplanade. When you are jogging or running on the trail next time, don’t
forget to stop by WWII Memorial at 11th and Heights Blvd.

Marmiom Park_Marmiom Park is located at 18th St. and Heights Blvd. where the Cooley house once stood. The park was constructed by the Houston Heights Association, who manages and maintains the park today. Many wedding ceremonies and community events take place here, although a
reservation through the Houston Heights Association is required. The “Cooley Mansion” which sits at 1722 Heights Blvd. across from the Marmiom Park is a replica of the original structure and was built in 2000.

Love Park_Love Park is located next to Love Elementary School at Lawrence and 12th St. It is a perfect picnic spot to gather with your friends and family on the weekends.