Shady Acres

Similar to Cottage Grove, this neighborhood has a seen a rapid rise in townhome construction. A decade ago it was trailer parks that were being bought out for townhome developments. Today, it seems like everything is being bought out, with industrial buildings and older homes quickly being replaced by new townhome developments. Those moving into the area are typically young professionals, and as many of them are first time homebuyers with no family yet, there is a lot of room leasing going on. With most of the 3/3 townhomes only having two garage spaces, it has resulted in quite a bit of street parking around the area. One area event that occurs in Shady Acres that attracts people from all over the Heights is Thursday Night Bingo at the SPJST Lodge. Given that attendance is capped at 700 persons, being able to walk to the event is a huge plus for those that live close by.

Shady Aces