Knowledge is Power – especially in Real Estate

If you have lived any amount of time, you have no doubt heard the phrase – “Knowledge is power”, and most likely said something along the lines of “I wish I knew…”.  With so much information online about real estate, advertisements in magazines and on billboards, and TV personalities pitching how they can make you an expert in one weekend, it’s probably a surprise that the average Joe still has a lot to learn when buying or selling their home for the first time.

The buying process is so much more than picking a neighborhood and scanning pictures online of new listings.  What should you do to maximize your credit score before you even start looking at houses?  Are you expecting any life changes in the near future that would make your current buying interest be in the wrong direction?  Are homes in the area sitting or are they experiencing multiple offers?  Even further to this point, are certain types of properties in a certain area popular while others have grown out of favor with the current market?  The list goes on.  There is a such a myriad of items to consider when venturing down the road of homeownership, that having someone there to help you along the way is key to making it a smooth experience.

The selling process is so much more than putting a sign out front that says “For Sale” and waiting for an offer to land in your email inbox.  Working with an expert that knows what draws in prospective buyers and how to best present your home is key to maximizing the selling price of your home and minimizing the days on market.  After all, what good is it to squeeze out an extra $5,000 in selling price if you had to sit on an empty house for a year and pay another $15,000+ in insurance, taxes, and mortgage payments.  Also, when it comes to inspections, the seller generally only knows what type of hiccups can occur based on their prior experience, if they have ever sold before.  What they don’t know is the dozens of reasons that other deals have died and how they can best navigate, or even better yet, prevent an unfortunate scenario from occurring.

Having a realtor is like having a financial advisor.  The client is either buying or selling and is the one that ultimately makes that decision, but is it the knowledge and guidance of their trusted confidant that helps them navigate through all the noise in the market to arrive at the best decision that is right for them.  Don’t go at it alone.  Choose someone with knowledge and experience who isn’t involved in the buying or selling process only once every couple of years, but someone who is in the thick of it day-in and day-out.

At Deveau Realty we are here to serve you and welcome the opportunity to be your trusted advisor in all things real estate.