Why Negotiation Experience Matters

Negotiations is a critical aspect of any real estate transaction.   If you don't negotiate well you can leave a lot of money on the table or maybe end up with a bad deal.  If you negotiate too hard you may end up being offensive and chase the buyer away (when you are the seller) or lose out on the property (when you are the buyer).  Knowing the difference between the

What is the Option Period for?

The Option Period is sometimes a misunderstood part of the contract.  It provides the buyer the option to cancel the contract during a certain number of days agreed to in the contract, without any penalty to the buyer.  In consideration for this, the buyer does pay a nominal fee (generally in the $100-200 range), which is not refundable if the buyer cancels the contract.   During the option period the seller

Knowledge is Power – especially in Real Estate

If you have lived any amount of time, you have no doubt heard the phrase - "Knowledge is power", and most likely said something along the lines of "I wish I knew...".  With so much information online about real estate, advertisements in magazines and on billboards, and TV personalities pitching how they can make you an expert in one weekend, it's probably a surprise that the average Joe still has

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